Seeing someone enjoy my work is awesome. So is having an army of minions.

first in battle

Like what you see?

go to the WALPAPER page and get a closer look at the horde

in days past

Chicago's Black Age XII is where it all started. With uncut sheets of BoxNinja Nemonics, and a paper golem of my good friend Lamorris.

Papercraft, Art, and Zombies

overlord of the paper horde: The WAL (of wal2)

That's me. What's better than having an entire horde of heavily armed minions at your disposal? Creating them! Every detail of each figure, weapon, or whatnot is dreamed up and carefully hand-crafted in my studio. I travel the countryside unleashing my minions upon the townsfolk, then it's back to my lair to make more.


No one else on earth makes these guys. Just me.

My very first Mohawk. A  private commission, and the first use of my new WALpaper logo.

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